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Across the Room, Down the Street, and Around the World.

DLP Positive
Returns Foundation

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Our Purpose

The DLP Positive Returns Foundation: changing the world through the generous giving of time, talents, and treasures in a way that makes life better for others… Across the Room, Down the Street, and Around the World.


How the foundation began

Established in 2019 by DLP Capital CEO Don Wenner, the DLP Positive Returns Foundation is much more than a charity; it's a powerful force for community transformation. With its focus on fostering collaboration among resource providers and promoting innovation, the Foundation seeks to eliminate homelessness and global childhood poverty. Through influential partnerships with leading global organizations, the Foundation is reshaping futures, impacting children and families worldwide, and creating lasting change far beyond the present.


Partnership Highlights

At the heart of our mission lies a robust commitment to build thriving communities. We are immensely proud to support organizations that share this vision, each contributing in unique ways to nurture and enrich the lives of those within our communities. Find out more about these incredible organizations and the vital work they do by clicking on their names below.

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