DLP Realty Provided A Extraordinary Option for One Very Special Family

When the Sherman family called DLP Realty about the possibility of selling their home, Lisa Wenner, an inside sales agent, had the pleasure of speaking with them. Wenner quickly realized their dilemma – the family didn’t want to sell their home, but their daughter Daisy needed specialized medical services  (specifically a therapeutic pool) that could not be housed in their current home. Without this service, the family might be forced to relocate to Florida, where this service would be available for her.

Daisy is a special 13-year old that suffers from Epidermolysis Bullosa, https://www.debra.org/about-eb/eb-depth, a rare skin disorder for which there is no cure. DLP values our customers and wanted to find the best solution for Daisy and her family.

The Sherman’s met with Kelsey Elliott, Real Estate Specialist for DLP Realty to address their needs and explore how we could help.  Elliott then reached out to Don Wenner, Founder and CEO, who immediately offered DLP’s services in any way possible so that the family would not be forced to leave their home. Through the DLP Positive Returns Foundation, the company would bring Daisy’s much needed medical services to her.

The DLP team would entirely refit the family’s basement in order to house a therapy pool in addition to a separate play area for the Sherman’s children. They would no longer need to sell their home and Daisy can stay in the same school with her friends.

At DLP, we are about offering solutions, whether for an individual or an entire family. We get to know you, listen to what your specific needs are, and offer timely solutions that fit you, not a cookie cutter response. You’ll know all of your options.

We were unbelievably moved by Daisy’s story and wanted to share her GoFundMe page to give you the opportunity to make a difference in her life, too.

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